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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Theme: Fairy Tales/Andersen
Design: Shen Jiahong / Martin Mörck
Country: Denmark
Year: 2012

The picture is an illustration to the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen "Hvad fatter gør, det er altid det rigtige" ('What the Old Man Does is Always Right'- click on the title to read the story).

I have been to Denmark twice - last time it was in 1991, ages ago. Well, in the previous century :-). I stayed at my friends, natives of Denmark, who did make my stay very enjoyable and unforgettable as well. They showed me the country - quite a few cities and various tourists attractions, including Copenhagen, Arhus, Aalborg, Fårup Sommerland (water park and amusement park), Skagen - a picturesqe village - the place where Skagerrak meets Kattegat, and many more.

I loved the climate there - a bit unpredictable but very refreshing. I loved the people - I also met some of my friends' neighbors and relatives.
Wish we could meet again. Soon.